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Storm Freestone

Founder & Behaviourist

Storm Freestone is the Founder and Dog Behaviorist of Splendid K9.
Perhaps you've heard him on Cape Talk or CCFM Radio?

He has introduced and created a unique approach in Dog Behaviorism.

Approaching in skill of Positive Reinforcement, Counter Conditioning and Desensitization along with the newly introduced coherence of Cognitive Coaching. Creating a highly effective impact with behavior related challenges.

Establishing the integration and effectiveness of emotional contagion between dogs and their people. To establish an understanding, create new patterns of behavior and an overall greatly progressive relationship. On top of understanding your dog's behavior, reasoning behind the behavior and what needs to be implemented in order to change it.


Focus areas:

Aggression, Reactivity, Anxiety, Nervousness, Seperation/Isolation Anxiety, Fear, Idiopathic Based Aggression, Socialization.

Storm info

My Story

​Storm is fueled by his passion for not only understanding what creates and what can change Dog Behaviour, but the relationship and understanding between Dog and Owner. He considers himself a pioneer in the field of Dog Behaviour, eager to advance the understanding of dog's and what more we can learn about their intelligence. As well as what we can learn within our own emotional intelligence, and how it affects our animals.

Storm's hunger for learning effectiveness between people and dog's led him to grow from a dog walker in 2016 to Top Rated Dog Behaviourist in Cape Town, 2019, Splendid K9. His competence was noticed by Dr. David Rosenstein, Neuroscientist and Psychologist. Storm began working with David to aid clients who are fearful of dogs with Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy. 

''Storm assisted with exposure and response prevention therapy. He was professional, containing and thorough in his approach. I would highly recommend him as both a coach and dog trainer, as well as assistant with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in guidance with exposure with dog phobias.''


-Dr. David Rosenstein.

Neuroscientist and Psychologist.

Keagan Price

Trainer & Behaviourist

Keagan Price, Experienced Both Nationally and Internationally is the Dog Training Sensation of Splendid K9. 
Perhaps you've seen him on Expresso SABC?

He holds an International Certificate in Dog Training for his Work in the Canine Unit, Germany.

With a practical and hands on approach in Positive Reinforcement, Command Training and in aid of his extensive Behavior and Conditioning knowledge. Keagan directs his focus to what a client needs and wants to achieve with their dog or puppy.

Focus Areas:

Obedience, Command Training, Leash Training, Excessive Barking/Chewing/Digging/Jumping, Recall, Escaping the Home, Agility Training, Sniffer Training, Over-Excitement, Puppy Training, Toilet Training, Impulse Control etc.

Keagan info

My Story

I have been around dogs since I can remember. Starting when I was in junior school, I started to train the dogs we had at home, every day, after school. It began to build my passion for better understanding dogs.


When I was twenty three years old, I went to Germany for security work, this was my first experience with a dog handler in the police force. He taught me about bite work and attack training with canines.

After a year of being in security, I was assigned to the canine unit in 2016, I had to train a German Shepherd that ended up being my partner.

I was with this company for no longer than six months before I started my own puppy training business, this ended up leading to a lot more of my experience with dogs.

After that, I began expanding my personal company that assists clients one on one.

In 2018, I was asked to assist a truffle company to train their long legged Jack Russell's and Lagotto breeds to smell, search and detect rare underground mushrooms. I later ended up getting flown to Durban to help other farmers with the smell of similar crops. This gave me furthered experience dealing with different types of personalities, not just with the canines but with the people as well.

Coming into 2022 with Splendid K9, my knowledge with dogs is extremely practical and I direct my focus to what you and your family needs and wants to achieve with your dog or puppy.

Needless to say I love all dogs and can surely negotiate with them.

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