About Us:

At Splendid K9, we are compelled by effective behaviour conditioning methods and driven by results. We hold integrity over the passion and commitment given to each and every client.

Conducting our service in a professional, honest and compassionate manner is most important to us.

In 2017, when we began our journey. We first aimed at being the most affordable option for dog training in Cape Town. To be able to assist as many dogs and families as we could. Through time, as we got busier and busier, and our demand rose, we were forced to raise our rates as well as our standards. We set out on becoming the best dog behaviour service in Cape Town.


In 2019, we achieved a milestone on our mission. We became the highest rated dog behaviour servicing business in Cape Town. It only created more devotion to drive the understanding and teachings of dog behaviour forward. Helping hundreds upon hundreds of clients achieve the very best potential for their fur friends and livelihood. 

We don't only teach you how to understand behaviour, but to use our broadened methodology and approach of dog behaviour modification to positively change your dog's behaviour and create a new understanding of an equanimous lifestyle.

Our Team

The foundation of Splendid K9.

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Storm Freestone

Owner and Behaviorist

Claudia Hooper


Rio Ruby Sofia Van Der Merwe

Chief Marketing Director

Keagan Price

Trainer and Behaviorist