Our Clients

We wouldn't be where we are today without the amazing clientele that we hold the privilege of working with every day. Below is what some of them have had to say about our service.

Client Reviews

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Calvin Kade

''Storm offered a very empowering experience for myself and my dog, Rex. Although it's a little more of a higher end service, the results did not disappoint. I am now feeling confident and I also have the tools and knowledge equipped to move forward with Rex.''

Hannah-Rose Bell

''I'm extremely happy with Storm's service, he was incredibly helpful throughout the package, always answering my questions regarding Charlie. His communication throughout was great, he called and checked in and answered my 100s of questions when I thought I was doing something wrong with the training.
You can see how much he is invested in what he does and the passion he has for dogs.
I highly recommend Splendid k9!
Thank you so much for all your help and wishing you and your team the best for the future!''

Cornelia Ziervogel

''Duke, my 3 year old Dachshund was attacked and bitten by a Pitbull at the Rondesbosch common in February. Duke is a gentle, playful and intelligent little fellow and this attack on him was uncalled for. This should never have happened as Duke is not an aggressive dog but the pitbull unfortunately was not socialized which was not his fault. My poor puppy was left completely traumatized and fearful of every sound. He started biting any strangers visiting our home which concerned us. This was not the Duke we knew and loved. Something had to be done to help our little boy. I contacted Storm Freestone from Splendid K9 and arranged for him to assess Duke. He immediately made contact with me and visited us at our home. After Storm completed his assessment, he provided us with tools we could implement immediately at home. We had training at Keurboom Park every alternative week where Storm would evaluate his behaviour and gave us helpful tips on changing certain behaviour patterns which is working wonders. Slowly but surely our little Duke came out of his shell. He is no longer that fearful and uncertain dog anymore. His confidence has improved exponentially and he just loves being back in his natural habitat aka The Park. He even assisted us with some of his other behavioral issues such as the excessive barking. If you have the pleasure of sharing your home with a Dachshund, you will know what I am taking about. The new and improved Duke would not be here today had it not been for Storm Freestone and his team at Splendid K9. He even shared his coffee with Duke who enjoyed every last drop. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for us and Duke.
You are truly a blessing to all dogs and owners. Keep up the good work Storm. We wish you and your excellent team all the best.''

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Crystal De Jager

''We are still in the process of training our fur baby Ross. He is 9 years old and in the process of being socialized with other dogs. So far we are so impressed with the commitment and knowledge behind Storms training. He has a wonderful warm demeanor and that comes through when we works with our doggo. We always leave each session with more knowledge. Such an awesome experience so far. Cant wait for the end result! We are so excited. If you want someone that will give you honest and constructive feedback and to also feel comfortable as a fur baby parent he helps provide those tools for you. His rates are really great which means we can have frequent bookings without breaking the bank and also maintaining results. Highly recommend.''

Stephanie Gelderen

''I am so glad that I found Storm, and I highly recommend him. He gave us some excellent tips that has already made a big difference in one day of practice. We feel so confident and at ease after his visit.
Thank you so much Splendid K9!''

Russell Samuels

''I have a border collie who pulls at the leash so much that it makes going for walks impossible. We've tried everything we could thing of with no success. I am so glad I found Storm. After just 4 minutes with Milo he got him to walk in an alleviated manner and even empowered me to do the same. We still have lots of work to do for this to become second nature for us but this was a great start. Thanks Storm!!!''


Werner Ungerer

''Within an hour session, Storm taught us how to “speak” our dog’s language. Understanding how to communicate to her and how to interpret her body language was instrumental in enjoying her even more. She was an excessive barker and Storm gave us the tools to help create a safe zone for her so she could remove herself from stressful situations. We are learning to build back her confidence and to take charge so she can feel more calm. Working with Storm was fascinating and so rewarding. He was very gentle, patient and confident, which helped us to be more relaxed and to really enjoy getting to know our dog. I can highly recommend Storm. Don’t hesitate. Seeing your dog gain confidence is a beautiful experience.''

Jessica Stanbridge

''Storm helped us in a single afternoon with our two barking Schnauzers who we presumed would be untrainable. Storm proved us wrong. He gave us tools to change their behaviour and we’re excited to implement them as we already witnessed a change during the session Storm spent with us. Thank you so much, Storm. We have no doubt Harriet and Noosi will be happier, less anxious and scared, dogs after your visit.''

Lucy Williams

''Highly recommend Storm :-) he gave me some awesome tips and tricks on how to train my extremely energetic Labrador puppy. Thank you so much for your expertise!''


Bruce Meissner

''Storm did an awesome job at working out the best way to train our rescue dog. He was clear and precise with his training recommendations and our dog is already behaving much better!''

Tony Shros

''Just had an evening session and came away with the tools we need to begin enjoying our walks with Arti instead of being concerned about all hell breaking
loose. Highly recommended!''

Madeline Johnson

''Storm was wonderful with Max! He clearly knew what he was doing, and had such a great understanding of dog behavior. We saw a change in Max immediately during the session, and now feel confident going forward. He didn't even have to use treats, it was all about the psychology. We have been following Storm's advice and see progress already. Storm was very reasonably priced, especially because he is honest and told us that we don't need more sessions, rather we just need repetition in what he taught us. I highly recommend Splendid K9!''


Ashley Michael Atherton

''Storm offers a wealth of knowledge on many different aspects of dog training. He came highly recommended through friends of our, and I highly recommend his services.''

Ursula Matthee

''Storm has trained my Boerboel to listen to me. I thought my Boerboel was aggresive but this was not the case. With proper training and a proper Trainer like Storm your dog can do wonders. He has such a passion for dogs and really wants to help the dogs and owner. He is also very affordable. I will recommend him to anyone. Thanks for helping me and my baby to understand each other better!!''

Rachel Gomes

''Storm undeniably has a knack for working with dogs. He has been training my 65kg male boerboel Bandit, who I thought had aggression problems, for the past few months and the transformation has been incredible. He has identified the problem to not be aggression but being unsocialised and a bit socially awkward. He has also taught me how to be confident with Bandit rather than anxious, and helped me in reading and understanding his behaviour. We have both progressed greatly in the last while and I would 100% recommend Storm as a behavioralist!! His passion and care for dogs is incredible. Thank you Storm.''


Celia Van Rooyen

''I have enjoyed watching Storm handling Cindy, my nearly 2 years old pug. I was worried that she is not sociable and will not play with other dogs. According to the way she reacted towards him and the dog he brought with she has no problem. She also played with another dog who was taken on her daily walk.

Thank you Storm for helping me overcome my worry about how sociable Cindy is. I can recommend your business as a dog behavior specialist.

Thank you and kindest regards,
Celia and Cindy.''

Charmaine Hannigan Werner

''I asked Storm to help me with my very reactive dog. Storm was very calm and patient with my dog Rylie and by the end of the hour my dog was calm and relaxed. I am very grateful for your help. Thank you Storm.''

Elloise Halley-Stott

''I was gobsmacked at the change in Puppy, just a few minutes into the session. She no longer charges up to other dogs aggressively barking. Her fear has been quelled. Thank you SO much Storm!''


Abigail Price

''Storm is a godsend; he helped me out with a tricky situation. I was trying to find a foster home for a very aggressive and fearful pitbull-mix who was in my care. Savie wouldn't come anywhere near me and was barking constantly and bit my dog. Storm was able to calm her down and get her on a leash in under an hour, with Savie even following him on the leash. I was gobsmacked. Thank you Storm for calming down the situation, for your patience and perseverance, and your clear passion for animals. I am very grateful for all your help.''

Dylan Jones

''Storm is helping us with our rescue dog and has been a great help! After one session we feel like we have the tools to begin the process of training our new family member. Storm has a great manner and explained the entire process as he went along. I look forward to the rest of our sessions with our local Dog expert.''

Sarah Sun

''Storm came to help me with my sweetheart Bongo who had never been trained but needed to start walking on a leash because of the new area we moved to. Bongo had no socialization skills and Storm gently taught him within a few weeks how to be with other dogs without having to be dominant. Our walks are pleasant and I have been taught how to lead my dog successfully. Thanking you again Storm.''