Package Specials!

Our package specials are the best option for consistent, effective results in training and the best value for your money. Saving you up to R3450.

Each package consists of four, one hour long appointments in the comfort of your home or within a public setting.

*Please note, the fees listed below are not inclusive of travel, feed at R3,80 per kilometer.*


An appointment package best suited for the needs of a young or adolescent puppy.

 Is it potty training?

Chewing of chairs, tables and couches?

Are those little puppy teeth proving to be more like an alligator?

Or perhaps socialization and leash training?

If at least two of the above questions resonate with you, the four appointment package option would suit best.

Alternatively, If all of the questions above resonate, the eight appointment package option would suit best.


Standard Training Package

This appointment package is best suited toward the needs of adult dogs that need aid in areas that don't include aggression or reactivity. 

Perhaps your dog pulls really hard on leash?

Tries to escape or push their way through when you open the door or gate?

Barking becoming too much?

Or jumping up?

If at least two of the above questions resonate, or reflect an idea of similarity.

Then the four appointment package would be best suited for you.

If all of the above questions resonate, the eight appointment package would be best suited.


Aggressive Training Package

This package special best caters toward the needs of reactivity or aggression in dogs.

Have they been in an altercation that has now bred a reaction toward other dogs?

Have they developed an uncertainty around people that is now causing a negative response?

Any signs of reactivity or aggression should be addressed as soon as possible.

Both the four and eight appointment package options can be applicable, depending on the severity of the reactivity present.


Contact us today to avoid a waiting list. We look forward to helping you!